How Every Adult can make a difference in the lives of young people

Nicole Gibson founder of an organisation called Rogue and Rouge tells adults how to make a difference in the younger peoples lives. guess how.. you probably never would have through that its just, being happy.

basically i thought this was rubbish when i heard it at first.. But then I started to think, maybe it makes sense.  Maybe it is because adults say one thing  and do another.  They tell us that the only thing they want for us is to be happy, but when its up to them they are never happy, arnt they ment to set examples?  They tell us that if we study hard and do as we are told, then life will be good to us.   But then they show us that there is never enough, not enough time, not enough space,  not enough energy and certainly not enough money.  Adults can’t seem to unwind and they spend way too much time complaining.

They aren’t really painting a picture of a bright and happy future, are they?

Like who would ever want to live a life like that? What kind of inspiration and motivation is that?   We hear about disengaged young people, but has anyone thought how many disengaged adults there are?

Adults always say the best part of there lives was school and that it was the most happy time as well, what they are really saying is that the happiness comes from living each day as it comes.  Maybe being happy is living now, for the moment, for this minute in this hour and not focusing on what you do or don’t have or what you have left to do, but what there is.

So, I think Nicole’s comment is wripe… just be happy and you can change the world!!

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Wripe… it is about thinking differently…

The richest 85 people across the globe share a combined wealth that is as much as the poorest 3.5 billion of the world’s population. Or that richest 1% of Americans now own 40% of the nation’s wealth. And what is really alarming is that those very rich are making their money from selling luxury goods and brands.   For example, products such as   L’Oreal, Microsoft, Apple, BMW, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Nike, and Prada are all in the top 85 richest list.

Kind of makes you think that as we try and define ourselves with luxury goods and brands, we are being played with.   I don’t know about you but to me, it sounds like a science fiction movie, a few puppet master pulling the strings of the billions of brainwashed people.    People brainwashed to spent big dollars to define themselves with what they own, not what they think, believe or value.     And this is one of the reasons, I have started Wripe is to create a revolution that makes us focus more on what matters and less on what we want others to think about us.  And to define ourselves through sharing of wealth, ideas and knowledge.   It is a ripe time to be wripe!


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Welcome to Wripe!

Welcome to Wripe!

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